I have recently become a born-again Christian. This has been something very personal and important to me. I was Jewish and my parents are the typical Jewish parents. For the longest time I wrestled with telling them at all. I decided to tell my mother. She said among other things, how “deeply disappointed” she was. I have not as yet told my father.

So here is the dilemma…I will be getting married soon. I’m not comfortable with my parents attending a Christian service if they have problems with me, certainly setting a mood for me as well on a very important day. Should I invite them to the wedding?

My parents are super Catholic. One time I mentioned to them that I might like to go to the Episcopalian church, instead, and they reacted as if I’d just told them I wanted to worship Satan and eat babies for breakfast. I can imagine, then, that this is incredibly difficult for your parents. It might help you to think about how they’re feeling. I know it’s important to you that they approve of you, but really, it’s okay if they don’t. I disappoint my parents about 400 times a day and I am completely confident that they still love me.

I think you would be unwise to heap more drama on top of an already difficult situation. Imagine, please, that you’re at your wedding. Everyone you love is there…except for your parents. I think their absence would cause more discomfort than their presence.

So invite them. It’s the kind, loving thing to do. Whether or not they come is up to them, but at least you can feel like you did the right thing. I’m not well versed in bible verses, but I’m sure there’s one about inviting your parents to your wedding even though they don’t even believe in your bible.

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  1. Jc

    WHy don’t you trust God and invite them so that They will feel all the Christian love we suppose to beleive.
    When Traditional Christianity embraces the idea the we are allone in God consciousness the we will be one whole. Your parents are very important ingredient of God’s calling in your life. Don’t judge them and they will not judge you.

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