My fiancée’s friends hate me. For good reason.

I recently cheated on my fiancée on a business trip. It was one time, I was drinking, and I feel terrible about it. She has forgiven me and the wedding is back on track, but my problem is her friends. They hate me now. How can I convince them that I’m sorry and it won’t happen again? It’s causing my fiancée a lot of unhappiness because of the tension with her friends.

I’m not happy with you, and it’s not for the reason you think.

If your fiancée wants to forgive you getting jacked up and hooking up with some boozy hussy from Topeka, that’s her decision. But I have a problem with you just coming back, ‘fessing up, and then fretting about the fact that her friends don’t like you. It’s not fair to the poor girl to claim you’re ready for a wedding.

People who are mature, happy, in love, and ready to commit know that they should keep their body parts to themselves. In fact, they WANT to keep their body parts to themselves. Or at least to themselves and one other person. That person being their betrothed.

I don’t think you should be engaged at all, but if you’re too much of a wuss to put things on hold, you better figure out what’s wrong with you ASAP. Go to therapy, read some self-help books, take up yoga and meditation, stop drinking on business trips, and stop having sex with other people. Concentrate on making yourself a good, honest man who knows how to be in a committed relationship. Once you prove this to your fiancée, you can worry about her friends.

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