I have an STD that appeared magically out of nowhere.

I’m freaking out. I was diagnosed earlier this week with an STD…but I’m in a serious, monogamous relationship. The symptoms I’m having aren’t the kind that lay low for a while, and the doctor seemed to imply that I was infected fairly recently. I got upset and confronted my boyfriend about it. He insists that he’s been faithful to me and now he’s furious at me for accusing him of cheating, plus he’s upset about me possibly giving him this disease. What do I do?

People do not spontaneously erupt with herpes. I don’t think there’s ever been a case of immaculate conception of chlamydia.

Your boyfriend is lying. Since I’m not a doctor, and since, thankfully, you haven’t fully described exactly what’s wrong with you, I’m just going to go off of what your doctor said. I guess it’s possible that you’ve had this condition for a while and it’s just now showing symptoms, but I still think your boyfriend is lying.

Nice people who love you don’t find out that you have a disease and start yelling at you. It’s natural that you would have thought you got it from him, SINCE YOU DIDN’T GIVE IT TO YOURSELF. Guys who turn stuff around on you like that and get all accuse-y and inflammatory (no pun intended) just reek of guilt. I’d consider your little medical condition a blessing, because now you’re going to dump him and be thankful that this is the last problem he’s going to cause in your life.

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