High school is haunting me on Facebook.

I have a friend from high school who keeps putting embarrassing pictures of me on Facebook. We’re not very close anymore, and I know she thinks it’s all in good fun, but it really bothers me. I enjoy the site and don’t want to stop participating, but I purposefully didn’t use my maiden name when I signed up so that random people couldn’t find me. How can I get her to stop?

Ask her, for frick’s sake.

“Hey, Marjorie, you’re right, that time we permed our hair and did beer funnels in the back of your dad’s pickup truck was totally hilarious, but would you mind taking that picture down, or at least taking my name off of it? My niece/stepdaughter/mom is on Facebook, and I would hate for her to see that picture. Thank you!” There’s also a way to take your own name off of pictures, is there not?

I should add, in the interest of full disclosure, that I put a picture of my eighth grade graduation on Facebook. We all have enormous bangs and wear dresses that are eerily similar to those sported by the gals who were recently raided at an FLDS compound in Texas. It’s cute.

If you’re worried about the pictures just because you look funny, and not because you’re engaged in some kind of criminal activity, you might want to reconsider. Every guy has a picture out there where he has an earring and a ponytail, and every girl has a pegged-jeans-and-feathered-hair photo. I wasn’t always the glamorous, chic figure I am today, but I like those old pictures. It’s nice to be reminded of who you were, and how that made you who you are now.

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  1. Anonymous

    I agree, but I wont be as politically correct as you in my response. Usually people don’t give a toss what you looked like in High School or what you did. Get over yourself, and block that “friend” from your Facebook page.

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