My two-year-old is engaged to be married, and this bothers my husband.

We have a two-year-old girl. Our good friends have a boy who is a little older than our daughter. They joke around a lot about how the kids going to get married some day, which is cute and I don’t mind. My husband, however, goes nuts when we see them and they say to their son things like, “Look, it’s your girlfriend,” or “They are just the cutest little couple!” I thought he was joking around when he said he wanted to tell them to stop, but after the last time we saw them, he was really pissed off and said if they talk about it again he’s going to say something. I don’t think he should say anything so now I don’t want to hang out with them because I’m afraid he’s going to offend them.

When the kids are 16 and that family comes over for dinner, and the dad gives his son a condom and says, “Go get ‘er, Tiger!,” your husband can speak up.

For now, he should clam it. Your husband knows these people aren’t serious; the kids are two. Clearly they’re not in any kind of relationship, and the other couple is being affectionate, not vulgar. Your husband is reacting to what it makes him think about: he can’t deal with his little girl growing up and having boyfriends. I do believe this is normal, so just talk to him about what’s really bothering him and maybe he’ll relax. If he doesn’t, then maybe talk to your friend, privately and with good humor, and see if she can’t mention to her husband that your husband is freaked out by the coupling of your children. Then a confrontation is avoided, and you can all keep having fun together.

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