I want an awesome dog and my wife wants a sucky one.

My wife and I are considering getting a family dog. Aside from the normal questions like who will actually care for the dog, we are having a problem. She wants a crappy dog and I want a cool dog. How do I let her know that her taste in dogs is so crappy without hurting her feelings?

Smart men know that the secret to a happy marriage, happy children, and a happy dog is letting your wife get whatever she wants. Consider this first.

Now, think about what kind of dog makes sense. Let’s assume you want a chihuahua and your wife wants a St. Bernard. You may think a St. Bernard is a crappy dog because it’s big and slobbery and its poops are the size of a small child. Your wife may think a chihuahua is a crappy dog because it’s little and yippy and petting it is a similar feeling to petting a rat. Neither of those dogs makes sense, then. Figure out what your needs are (how much space you have, whether or not you have children, who’s going to walk it and how often, etc.) and then do some research to figure out what kind of dog is best for you. Don’t be hung up on one certain type. There are a billion kinds of dogs; surely there’s one you can both agree on.

And then get whatever kind of dog your wife wants anyway.

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