Clearly, you are dangerously ill.

I drank a bunch of booze last night, and now I don’t feel good. Do I have swine flu?

I’m not a medical doctor so please don’t take everything I say totally seriously, but:

Yes. You have swine flu.

I find that booze cures everything from scurvy to brain tumors. It can even cure emotional problems! So if you drank a bunch of it and you feel naseuous, headachey, insanely thirsty, and the room is spinning a little bit, then you are definitely not hungover and you definitely have the swine flu. Go see your doctor immediately. Except on the way, stop at McDonald’s for a Super Size Filet-o-Fish meal with a sweet tea and an apple pie. Between that and some Tamiflu, you might start to feel better soon.

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  1. confused in delray

    Good Advice Dr Chea (not)

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