My daughter wants more money.

Our daughter is graduating this June and will be off to college in the Fall. My husband and I with our daughter are trying to set up a budget for her.  Food, room, tuition and all clothes are being provided. So we decided to give her twenty dollars a week for spending money.  She is very upset with this amount. We have asked where the additional money will be spent. Are we being unfair?  We are not a wealthy family and she is getting loans for her education.

Yes, you’re being unfair.

You’re forgetting a major expense for college students everywhere: apple juice.

College students drink a lot of apple juice, and if your daughter can’t afford to buy enough, she might have to resort to flirting with boys in order to get them to buy her apple juice. You definitely don’t want this to happen.

If you can’t give her any more money, maybe she could get a job during the summer and save that money for her expenses during the school year. Or she could take out exra loans for living expenses. If you’re teaching her to budget, and all those other items are being paid for, she should learn to be resourceful and mature enough to come up with the rest of the money she needs.

So much apple juice…

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