Hypothetically, this isn’t safe.

I may or may not be aware of some potentially illegal firearms that may or may not be in the possession of a family member.  I feel like these laws are in place for a reason and the weapons often get used against the owner anyway.  Should I force said hypothetical family member to get rid of hypothetical firearm, or quit being a dork and stop worrying about it?

I might call you a dork if you worried about illicit borrowing of library materials or fretted over a pen stolen from the office. Illegal firearms are a different story.

(Please take a moment to check out my sparkling new disclaimer on the About page…here is where I remind you that I’m not a lawyer, medical doctor, police officer, CDC employee, or psychiatrist, and I know nothing about anything, so please don’t take this in any way as serious legal advice.)

How are you going to force this family member, who apparently has an arsenal in his home, to get rid of his firearms? Do you have a tank hidden in your garage?

If you’re worried about his safety or his family’s safety, arm yourself (get it?) with statistics and information about injuries resulting from firearms in the home. Or at the very least let him know the proper way to store them. And let him know the legal penalties for owning illegal weapons. Etc. Frankly, though, a dolt who’d keep unregistered weapons in his house probably won’t listen to reason.

I can’t tell if you’re worried about the illegality of the weapons or the fact that he has them in the first place; if it’s the latter, then you could talk to him, but it really is his prerogative. If you think his family is in danger from these weapons and the manner in which they are stored, you (hypothetically, of course) could call the hypothetical police and let them know.

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