I let people copy my work because I’m afraid they won’t like me if I don’t.

I am a college student. I work my ass off every day to get the best grades I possibly can, and I tend to do pretty well.  However, I am SO SICK of people in my major knowing that I get my work done early, and that I get good grades, because everyone is constantly asking me, “Can you email me that paper?” or “Can you help me with my take home test?”

I so badly want to say, “People…We are in COLLEGE!! Do your own damn work!”  However, I am very much a people-pleaser and there are  not very many people in my major and I don’t want to be known as that girl who is a bitch in the Communications Department. How do I get my point across without being too mean?

Well, dear, you can get kicked out of school for this, and I can guarantee you that your advisor won’t care if you tell her you’re just a people-pleaser, and that’s why you were academically dishonest.

Let’s practice.

“Can you email me that paper?”

NO! Write your own goddam paper.

“Can you help me with my take home test?”

NO! I already took mine. Take your own test.

See how easy that is? If your classmates think you’re a bitch and don’t like you because you won’t let them cheat, then they’re most likely a bunch of losers who are just using you in the first place. Don’t sell yourself short, girl. You work hard and there’s no reason to jeopardize your future for a bunch of lazy assholes. And go make friends with some English majors; they’re a great group of people. And the guys are hot in that literary-mess sort of way.

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