My co-worker’s food smells, Part II.

I sit next to someone at work who eats the most foul smelling food a few times a week. It’s the same dish from a neighborhood restaurant that he raves about, but it smells like rotten ass (excuse my French). I’m looking for a clever, but not insulting way, to tell him, “Hey, your food makes me want to vomit every time I smell it.” Any tips for how I should tell him his food smells?

All is quiet. The smell wafts over your cubicle wall. You say, innocently, “Wow, I didn’t know the deli was serving donkey shit sandwiches now!”

Look around.

“Oh, it’s your lunch. Sorry! It just smelled for a second like my grandmother’s donkey farm. Boy, does that smell bring me back!”

(I used to eat a turkey sandwich for lunch every day until my husband said, “Hey, how’s your cancer-bird sandwich today?” Then I didn’t eat a turkey sandwich for like six years. So if the first approach doesn’t work, maybe try that.)

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