My stubborn dad thinks he’s immune to all disease.

My dad has a weird-looking skin discoloration on his face. I asked him about it and he got really annoyed and said he’d already asked the doctor about it. When I pointed out that he had asked a full year ago, and that the spot had since grown in size and changed in shape and color, he got mad and yelled at me to mind my own business. I feel like it is my business! How can I get him to go to the doctor?

You have two options.

1. Annoy him until the idea of skin cancer seems preferable to putting up with you for one more second. Send emails, greeting cards, and video messages. Leave voice mails several times a day. Sign him up for melanoma email newsletters and fax him pictures of cancerous growths. Do you have a mom? Is she annoying? Get her to pester him, too. I’m sure she’s good at it. Siblings also work well for this. He might get mad, but everyone has his breaking point, and I’m sure you’ve spent a sizable portion of your life bugging the shit out of him, so you know how to push his buttons.

2. Blackmail.

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