Thanks, but no thanks, perv.

My friend’s husband is a pig. I try to avoid him whenever possible, but we live in a small town and they always seem to be around. I like her a lot and enjoy her company, but it’s so awkward to try and have a conversation with her while he’s standing there making suggestive comments and giving me lewd looks. I know my friend knows he’s doing it, and I think it embarrasses her so I don’t want to say anything and make it worse, but it has to stop. My husband wants to kick his ass but I want to deal with it myself.

I don’t think it’s a terrible idea to have your husband beat the tuna salad out of him, but if you want to be a big girl and use your words, this is what I would do:

React as if you’re taking everything he says seriously. So if you’re like, “It’s hot out today!” and he’s like, “Yeah it is, baby, maybe you should take your clothes off,” take them off. Or at least one item–maybe your bra. Hand it to him and say, “You’re right. I feel much better now. Thank you.” And then walk away.

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  1. Anonymous

    as if i didnt have enough work to do, now I have to go out and find which of my wife’s friends wrote this and preemptively kick the husband’s ass for having the audacity of thinking he could take me down if desired. Damn you tochea.

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