I’m lazy and my husband is very, very busy.

My husband plays with our son for hours on the beach.  He plays with him so much that my son does not want to play with me (I have NO problems with this). I read and watch them play. Both appear as happy as clams. Sometimes I am sure my husband is having more fun. We got home today and got in an argument about him changing the light bulb ( I cannot reach it) that has been out in my closet for over a week now. He was not prepared to change it for me. Required too much effort. He yelled,”I’m not the one who sits on my ass at the beach all day, every day we go to the beach.”

I like sitting on my ass at the beach…what do I do now?

First of all, accept the fact that changing a light bulb is exhausting, especially after a long day of frolicking in the sun. You should have let him take a long nap and then asked. You also should have offered to do some kind of sexual favor afterward just to let him know how much you appreciate the time it took to change that light bulb.

It sounds to me like your husband is one of those Even Steven types of people…he sees playing with your son as a responsibility, which, no matter how much fun it is, is still something he’s obligated to do. So when you go to the beach, from now on bring some work with you. Perhaps you can bring the silver and some polish, and get that nasty chore out of the way while you sit your ass in your chair. Or you could bring some Woolite and a basin, and do the hand washing; or a cooler, a knife, and a cutting board, and cut up the chicken for tonight’s stir fry.

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