I’d rather cut out my tongue than share my babysitter.

I like my friend, but I love my babysitter. My friend asked for my babysitter’s phone number. Do I have to give it to her? I don’t want to deprive the sitter of money or jobs, but I’m afraid she won’t be available when I want her.

I would lie and say you don’t have her number anymore, and that she just shows up every once in a while, Marry Poppins-style, floating onto your doorstep with a red umbrella.

Or you could be like the Mafia and demand that your babysitter give you a share from all money she earns because of you. You could even threaten to break her kneecaps if she doesn’t pay up. I bet she’ll refuse all other jobs.

Or, you could do what I’ve done in this situation, which is to give the sitter’s number, and then tell your sitter, “I just gave my friend your number because I think you’re a terrific babysitter.” Because mine is so awesome, she’ll call me if my friend calls her, just to make sure I don’t need her. Totally awesome.


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One response to “I’d rather cut out my tongue than share my babysitter.

  1. JTL

    Can I just give her the wrong number? 🙂

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