If you buy outrageously expensive jeans in the forest, will anyone see it on the credit card bill?

Sometimes I go shopping, buy stuff, and hide it from my husband. Or I’ll lie and say it cost half as much as it does and hide the receipts, or sneak shopping bags in the house when my husband isn’t home. We just have very different ideas about how much stuff should cost. I think it’s fine to spend $200 on a pair of jeans, but since he’s unhappy when I tell him I spent $100, there’s no way I’m going to tell him the truth. We’re doing fine financially, so it’s not like I’m putting us in serious debt, but I feel uneasy about lying to him. What do you think?

I have been unjustly accused of fudging the numbers, although once in a while I’ve mumbled something about something costing “around $100,” which gives a girl a lot of leeway. But I didn’t feel right about it, because it’s not right. My husband would never lie to me about how much something cost, because when he buys something, he’s sure that it’s something he wants and that it’s worth the cost.

Maybe you should stop shopping just for the hell of it. I know I just advocated fibbing, like, two days ago, but in this case I think it’s a little smarmy and disrespectful.

But if you’re not impulse shopping to fill the gaping void in your soul, here’s a conversation that’s worked for me.

To Chea: Honey, do you like my new bag?

Mr. To Chea (giving To Chea a wicked hairy eyeball): How much did that cost?

To Chea: You don’t want to know.

Mr. To Chea: You’re right.

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