I like to listen.

I can hear my neighbors’ conversations through our baby monitors. Mine must be set to the same channel as theirs, because it comes in loud and clear. They’re not friends, but we’re friendly with them, and I’ve always found them to be strange. Listening to them is really interesting…I’m not going to tell anyone what I heard, so it’s not really doing any harm…but I should probably stop, right?

I don’t want you to have to stop, because that’s totally awesome. 

The only way I’d be able to stop eavesdropping is if I actually told them that I could hear them, because then they’d either get a new baby monitor or turn theirs off. Much like not having Cheetos in the house; if they made it through the door, I’d scarf them down in about 30 seconds. The only way to stop listening to your fascinating weird neighbors is to make them responsible for the whole situation.

You also might want to think about the fact that they can probably hear you…

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