Drama on the dance floor.

My daughter just graduated from the eighth grade. After her graduation ceremony, there was a school-sponsored dance. Parents were there chaperoning, as well as teachers. My daughter came home from the dance upset because two of her classmates, both girls who are almost definitely not lesbians, were kissing as a crowd of other kids stood around them and cheered them on. My daughter and I have talked about the situation, and I explained that sometimes girls do things to get attention from boys, and we talked about self-esteem, and we’ve already discussed sex and all that. She is not as developed and mature as most of her classmates, which is why I think she was upset.

I’m worried because the overnight class trip is coming up this weekend, and I don’t understand how there could be a big spectacle of two students kissing and none of the chaperones seemed to notice. My daughter would be heartbroken to miss the trip, and I do trust her, but I worry about what the other kids will be up to. Should I let her go?

I dream of the day when the captain of the football team and the star quaterback feel like they need to smooch on the dance floor in order to impress girls. But that’s a whole different conversation.

I would let her go, but first I would talk to the chaperones, or at least one teacher chaperone who you think would be receptive to threats. Without getting specific and without naming names, I would very calmly explain that there was INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR at the graduation dance and that if I heard one peep from my kid about anything going awry on the overnight, I would take WHATEVER STEPS WERE NECESSARY to make things right.

Then maybe mention off-handedly that you know Bill O’Reilly or the editor of The New York Times. Or the Mafia.

Also, give your daughter a cell phone and call and text her constantly.

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