It’s almost Father’s Day. Let the stress begin.

My husband doesn’t want to spend Father’s Day with me and the kids. He wants to spend it golfing with his friends. It hurts my feelings and now that the kids are older, it’s confusing and hurtful to them, too. If I force him to spend Father’s Day with us, though, that’s negating the whole point of the day, isn’t it?

No, it’s not. It’s Father’s Day, goddamit, and he should spend the day being a father! I actually think you should plan a spa day for yourself and leave him with the kids all day so he can fully appreciate the wonder and joy of being a father.

I’m assuming he’s not waking up before sunrise, dressing silently in the dark, scurrying out the front door, golfing for 16 hours, and sneaking back in the house under cover of darkness. So maybe you could have breakfast together, give him a present, and then take the kids to a movie while he golfs.

I can’t think of one single thing to get my dad for Father’s Day. Do you have any suggestions?

Think about what your dad likes to do with his time, and get him something to make that activity more pleasant. For instance, my dad likes to walk around in his yard, so we’ve spent years purchasing items to make walking around in the yard more interesting, pleasant, and adventurous. (In his defense, my dad does have a very big yard.)

My partner complains constantly about Father’s Day, and how it’s a made up holiday and he doesn’t need to be forced by The Man to celebrate the fact that he’s a parent. And then Father’s Day arrives and he complains if we don’t make a big deal out of it. It’s so annoying and makes me wrong if I celebrate it or if I don’t!

Go out of town this weekend. Without him. Problem solved.

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