I like one half of a couple we know.

My wife and I would like to visit a friend who lives at a beautiful upstate New York lake.  The only problem is that we can’t stand her husband.  How do we visit her and her wonderful children without having to put up with his drinking and card playing for the entire weekend?  I just don’t enjoy 48 hours of brisket smoking instruction and him asking his wife where everything is.  Please help.

Get a beautiful, well-appointed hotel suite in town, and then get a suite next door to it for the wife and her children. If her husband is really that bad, you should feel sorry for her. She probably needs a break. And some diamond jewelry, so bring her some of that. Then give the husband lots of beer very early in the day, and maybe put some kind of light sedative in it, so that he passes out early. Then you can all enjoy each others’ company without having to endure his meat-cooking seminars.

And stop being such a wuss about how badly you suck at poker. Not that I know this is the case…just an educated guess…

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