Facebook: where you can make your life look waaaaay better than it really is.

My friends just posted a bunch of pictures and notes to each other on Facebook about a fun night out they had…that I wasn’t invited to. My feelings are really hurt but I don’t want to be like a lame 5th grade girl and say, “Why didn’t you invite me?” But I really want to know why they didn’t invite me.

Ouch. That smarts.

Facebook has connected people with everyone they went to high school with, and now, suddenly, Facebook is like high school.

That fun time they had last night is made even better by letting other people know that they’re cool enough to have fun times…and then the icing on that cake is the fun they get out of being in a position to exclude people.

I think you should in this case, then, do what you would have done in high school. Maybe make out with one of their boyfriends! Cry and write in your diary! Go sit in a parking lot and drink beer! Call one of their mothers and anonymously tell her that her daughter has herpes!

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