Without mothers-in-law, I would have nothing to do.

I bought my mother-in-law a nice pair of fairly expensive earrings.  I thought they were her style.  The whole family was there when she opened them.  Only 2 weeks later, she re-gifted them to my sister-in-law for her birthday.  My sister-in-law was there when she originally opened them from me, so she knew.  What do I do?  I couldn’t help but let it hurt my feelings.  Should I say anything to my mother-in-law?

Two possibilities: 1.) She’s suffering from age-induced memory loss. 2.) She really, really hates you and doesn’t give a flying fig whether or not she hurts your feelings.

In either situation, I don’t think saying something to her is going to do any good. (Although if she’s normally nice and well-mannered, you might want to take her for a checkup.)

Maybe take your hurt and direct those emotions in a sympathetic fashion toward your sister-in-law, who was publicly re-gifted something, which is like a great big F YOU from your mother-in-law to her. And be happy that someone who can appreciate those nice, expensive earrings now owns them.

Also, from now on your mother-in-law gets Target gift cards as presents.

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