I spent a lot of time working on something I’m not that into anymore.

I spent an inordinate amount of time and money to go to school, and now I’m not that interested in my dissertation nor am I enthusiastic about the field in which I got my degree. I haven’t finished my dissertation and the thought of doing so makes me exhausted and panicky. Should I finish it (taking time that I’m not sure I’m willing to invest), or should I just move on?

Oh, forget it. Who cares? It’s just a degree.

Just kidding, Dad!

I’ve been sitting around with my thumb up my ass for years, with every intention of finishing my master’s thesis. It’s true. Technically, I don’t quite have that MFA yet. I even went so far as to have not one, but two children not because I wanted to raise a family, but because they are an excellent excuse to not finish my thesis.

A certain brother of mine, who shall remain nameless, pretty much dropped out of an MBA program with two classes to go. Why? Eh. Wasn’t in the mood. Dad is so proud of both of us.

It’s a crappy feeling to have that hanging over your head, and I’m pretty sure you would feel even worse were you to just abandon your dissertation completely. I think you should finish it, but tape a sign over your desk or put a post-it on your laptop that says, “IT CAN TOTALLY SUCK.” You’re not going for perfection here; you just want to finish. If you finish and it’s awesome, then great, but if you finish and it’s only so-so but gets the job done, then fine. You did it.

Then you can go do what you really want to do. (Hey, Dad, what I really want to do is finish my thesis, so I’m not going to watch any reality television dating shows tonight, I’m going to go do my work!)

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