I almost didn’t write to you because I couldn’t decide what to say.

I have trouble making decisions. It used to be about big things: jobs, where to live, or who to date. Now that I’m married and have kids, and I stay at home with them all day, it’s gotten to the point where I second-guess myself on everything I do. I can’t decide what to give them for lunch, I wake up in the middle of the night worrying about whether we should go to the library or Gymboree class in the morning. It’s exhausting and it’s making me cranky with my kids and my husband. How can I stop doing this?

Make a really, really bad decision. Throw caution to the wind and instead of giving yourself an ulcer trying to choose between feeding the kids turkey and carrot sticks or peanut butter and jelly, you’re going to get them a Happy Meal with fries and Sprite. Then see what happens. My guess is this: nothing. Maybe they’ll get a little nauseous from having soda at the age of 2, but I bet that’s the extent of it.

Then make some more bad decisions. Don’t fret over getting your husband an awesome present for his birthday; get him a six-pack and some scratch tickets. I bet he’ll be just fine. I bet he’ll even offer to split the six-pack with you.

Try writing your options down on pieces of paper and choosing out of a hat. Even if you suspect the library is going to be better than the playground, just say f it and go to the playground. If there’s a mosquito swarm and a lightning storm and a convention of Kidnappers Anonymous going on in the parking lot, don’t sweat it; no big deal! Just pack up and go.

See how easy that is?

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