Well-off corporate hack, or poverty-stricken saver of the world?

I have a good job that pays well, allows me to spend time with my family, and doesn’t cause me that much stress. Great, right? Well, not so much. It’s boring and I’m never going to progress as far as I could in my company because I don’t care about doing better. I’d love to get a job working for a nonprofit in a field I’m really passionate about, but the pay would be about 50% and I’d probably have to work harder. I think, though, that I’d be much happier. Should I keep selling my soul, or pursue my dreams?

Pursue your dreams, but only if you have a lot of money. Like, a lot of money. Like, try to live on 50% of your salary for a while and see how that feels, and then imagine you got laid off from your 50%-salary job, and see how that feels. In case you haven’t noticed, the economy blows, and you’re pretty lucky to be employed, period.

I’m fairly certain that being bored at work is better than being hungry and living in a refrigerator box under a bridge next to a toothless guy named Chlamydia Sam who tries to steal your newspaper blanket every night.

So do this:

1.) Stop being such a slacker at work. People notice, and if the time comes to get rid of some dead weight, you’re going to be the first on the list to get shown the door.

2.) Indulge your passion for that nonprofit by volunteering.

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