My co-worker is insane. Literally.

I have a coworker who I hate. Things started off pretty well and we became friends. Until one day she literally went crazy and had a psychotic episode that lasted at least three months. My managers didn’t fire her, and I had to pick up a lot of the slack. The best was when she was so out of it she slept in the bathroom for an hour, only to be coaxed out by another coworker. She’s now “on new meds” and doesn’t outwardly seem crazy anymore. However, she works at a level way below where she should be, and doesn’t own her duties 100%. She is the type who asks questions before trying to find the answers themselves. She also doesn’t seem to take any notes, so when I answer a question it surely comes up again in a few weeks or a month. Not to mention, this woman is at a more senior level to me, and I’ve been training her this entire time. I’ve been open about my feelings toward her, I’ve tried to be a good sport and help her, but it just isn’t working. My managers say she’s doing “better” so they are not planning on canning her any time soon. I’m ready to walk out, which stinks because I like my job and the rest of the company. I just don’t know how to deal with this loon anymore.

I don’t think your company is legally allowed to fire her.

To make your life easier, start responding to every question she asks with an email. You can answer in person, but immediately send her an email. Note what she just asked you, repeat the answer, and save the email. Then when she asks again, say, I sent you an email about that. If you must, re-send it. This will not only save you from explaining the same thing over and over, but you’ll have a written trail of how many times you’ve bailed Good Old Crazy Pants out. You might want to stop complaining about her to your managers. I’m sure your bitching is just as annoying to them as her insanity, and legally, you can fire someone for not being a team player.

If you need something to help you get through the day, and vodka isn’t an option, you could try messing with her a little bit. Like, when she asks you a question, be like, “You just asked me that 2 minutes ago? Don’t you remember?” or get her a giant, smelly sandwich for lunch and give it to her and say, “Here’s the Gorgonzola and pastrami with sauerkraut on rye that you ordered. Yes, you did order it, you asked for the bread to be lightly toasted! And extra pickles, see? Why would I make this up?”

Also, are you crazy? Don’t quit your job unless you have a new one already lined up. There’s nothing wrong with looking for a new one, but seriously, don’t quit a job you like at a company you like because of one nut-job. Chances are she’s going to do herself in before long. And I don’t mean like really do herself in…just in the sense that she won’t last at the company for too long, not in the sense that she won’t be alive for too long. You know what I mean.

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