My 20-year-old thinks my house is a dorm.

Should I kick my son out of the house? He’s twenty years old and home for the summer from college. He couldn’t find a job, so he spends the day sleeping and playing video games and is out all night. Sometimes he brings friends home in the middle of the night and they’re so noisy they wake my younger children, and we fight about it a lot. He’s too old to be grounded and I worry about kicking him out because he has nowhere to go.

You don’t have to kick him out. Make him miserable! Listen to the Spice Girls at 6:30 am on full volume. Have no food in the house except lentils and brussel sprouts. Teach your little kids that Lamb Chop song, “The Song that Never Ends,” and encourage them to follow their big brother around singing it. Give him chores that involve dog poop and weed pulling. Don’t let him use your car, don’t give him money, and “accidentally” spill a diet Coke on his X-Box.

I bet a job will magically become available.

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  1. Anonymous

    Since when is 20 years old too old to be grounded? Helloooo????? The kid is living at home and sponging off his parents! Who is the boss in this relationship? Who is the sucker? Come on people!

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