Should I let my husband go to a bachelor party?

Do you let your husband go to bachelor parties? I’m usually pretty relaxed about what he does with his friends, but I’m a nervous wreck about this. I just have a feeling something is going to go wrong, or something bad is going to happen. I also don’t trust a couple of his friends and am afraid of all the strippers, drinking, and potential for trouble they present. Should I let him go?

I am not going to use this opportunity to express my opinion about how juvenile, disrespectful, pathetic, and depressing it is when men have nasty hooker-strippers at their bachelor parties. I’m not going to point out how ridiculous it is to celebrate the end of your single life by having a woman with fake boobs jump up and down in your lap while wearing a red pleather bikini.

What I am going to point out is that, despite my distaste, of course I let my husband go to bachelor parties. (He would angrily point out right now that he’s his own man and I don’t LET him do anything because HE DOES WHAT HE WANTS. And I would pat him on the head and say, Yes, honey, I know. Now don’t worry your pretty little head about it and go back to watching The History Channel.)

I let him go because I trust him. Do you trust your husband? If you do, then of course he should go. If you don’t, then maybe that’s something you should address. There’s no point in being married to someone you can’t trust.


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2 responses to “Should I let my husband go to a bachelor party?

  1. Jenna

    I am a 26 year old who recently got out of the stripping profession and now work as a manager at an ad agency. I spent 7 yeas stripping all over Canada and have seen a lot of things. I also understand why you’re having trust issues on this subject. My boyfriend’s friends are the same in the since that I know they throw hooker parties for the fun of it and I know his friends do sleep with them. I also know that it bothers me that my boyfriend goes to these types of things. I however met my boyfriend 7 years ago when I first started dancing here. I had a huge crush on him and basically threw myself at him. He immediately told me he could not hang out or be friends with me because he had a long term girlfriend. So over the years he became one of my clients coming to have drinks and lap dances (that were always very innocent because I am not one of those girls) He basically would look but not touch and would always turn me down to hang out because he was in love. Eventually over the years his relationship fell apart and his girlfriend left him. Despite his dedication to her she still left him and Im talking like they were in love and engaged. We eventually got together a while after they broke up and honestly he was very crushed by her leaving him. What this taught me was that a cheater is a cheater and if they’re given the chance to cheat they will and they will go out of their way for it. If your man is faithful he will respect you even if has a naked girl sitting at his table. The thing is you will never be able to stop a cheater. You should be thankful he told you the truth about where he was going because if he had bad intentions you would never have known where he was going. I still have a hard time knowing that my bf goes to parties with hookers because of all the gross things I’ve witnessed but I always remember how committed he was to his girl even when I was sitting on his knee trying to weasel him to come for coffee with me and it makes me feel better. It is not the hookers you have to worry about anyway. They’re always just in it for the money. It’s the girls who establish feelings for your man who you should worry about and in most cases it’s not the strippers or hookers because quiet frankly even the good guys who turn up at those clubs would never take a hooker or a stripper seriously because of where he met her. All of my friends are or have been strippers or escorts in their lives and every single one of them is looking for a man who takes her seriously and you become very good at staying away from one night stands.

  2. Jennie

    Look, we need to evolve here. These bachelor parties began as a way for the “man” to sew his wild oats before he married and couldn’t anymore. There is absolutely no need to HAVE to see other women strip for you because you are getting married. That crap is for when you are SINGLE. Now that you both are committed to eachother and about to wed, why the hell would either party have to go see other naked people. It really makes no sense. It is disrespectful, hurtful and there are way to many things that could potentially happen that you would never want or mean to happen ( I know). How about this, take that $$$ you are blowing on a skanky stripper who doesn’t care about you-just the money and spend it on eachother having a fantastic honeymoon.

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