My husband is mad because he’s chubby and I accidentally let everyone know.

After our summer vacation, I posted picture of our family at the beach on my Facebook page. We were in our swimsuits, and my husband had no shirt on. He saw it and is now furious with me. He’s very sensitive about his weight, and I just wasn’t thinking at the time that this would effect him that much. He’s so upset he’s not speaking to me. I’ve apologized, begged for his forgiveness, and deleted the photo, but he’s still very upset. In our nine years of marriage, I have never seen him so upset at me. I don’t know what I can do. I told him I just wasn’t thinking, I was just happy to have a family picture of us together at the beach on our first vacation. Any words of encouragement or advice?

Give him a big hug and say you’re sorry, tell him how sexy and attractive you think he is, and then hand him a wrapped box of little presents you’ve assembled for him. Inside the box, put the following:

  • some Kleenex and a pacifier so he can wah wah some more and then comfort himself since he’s not speaking to you
  • a gift certificate for a Weight Watchers membership
  • some Q-tips so he can clean out his ears and then maybe he’ll hear you if you decide to apologize for the 473rd time
  • a re-touched copy of the photo in which you’ve put his head on top of Ryan Reynolds’ body; on the back, write, “With a little hard work, you can look like this in real life instead of just in my imagination!”

That should make things better.

p.s. I was totally on his side until you got to the not speaking, begging for forgiveness, etc. He’s blaming you for the fact that he’s unhappy with himself, and that’s just bullshit.

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