This guy blew me off. Should I give him another chance?

This guy I’ve been seeing for a couple months works in front of a computer all day. He also constantly checks his Blackberry. We had tentative plans to go out last night, and I texted him and called him and left a message, but never heard back. Then this morning he sent me an email saying that he was sorry he missed me and that he didn’t get my messages until this morning. I don’t see how this could even be possible and I’m very upset that he lied to me. Should I confront him about it or just let it go? I don’t want to make a big deal out of it if it’s nothing, but I just don’t see how he could be telling the truth.

Here’s what you should do: write him a long, long letter on pink scented paper telling him your feelings and then hand-deliver it to his office. Maybe even make it rhyme! I don’t mind if you borrow this:

I gave you a call, I sent you a text.
I sat around waiting for what should come next.
You promised you like me, so I don’t know why
You felt such a need to tell me a big lie.

If this doesn’t win him over, you should move on to Plan B, which is realizing that anyone who lies to you, makes “tentative” plans, and blows you off this early in a relationship isn’t going to get any more charming, gentlemanly, or honest. Erase his number, don’t answer his calls, and move on with your life.

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