I’m changing my wedding RSVP.

I recently RSVP’d yes to a wedding, but as the time is getting closer (actually its still 6 weeks away), I am realizing its just not going to work  out in my schedule. How do I inform the bride and groom? Is there an acceptable way to do this? Advice much needed.

If it were six hours before the wedding, we’d have a problem. But six weeks? Call them up and tell the truth. Say, “Hey, I’m so sorry, we’re just not going to be able to make it for your wedding. I have to be out of town for work that week/Frank is competing in the state championship for curling/our dog’s birthday party is that weekend and we already made a huge nonrefundable deposit to Barkingham Palace. I’m so bummed because I was planning on eating my body weight in shrimp cocktail and getting my tongue stuck to your ice sculpture. Please let Frank and I take you out to dinner when you get home from your honeymoon; we’d love to see the pictures of your big day.”

You don’t have to actually mean any of that, but it’s nice to say it.

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