Can I fly first-class while my friend flies coach?

I am going on a girls weekend trip to Miami. I am a frequent flyer and am getting a great upgrade to first class. My girlfriend is on my flight is flying coach. She thinks I should give up my first class trip and fly in coach with her – I think this is ridiculous but want your thoughts – maybe I am being ridiculous. It is an 8:00 AM flight – I’d rather sleep. Should I suck it up and fly coach or should she suck it up and let me enjoy my first class seat?

If you’re flying from China to Miami, you may fly first class. I’m assuming, though, that you’re taking a six-hour-or-less flight, in which case flying alone in your big fancy first-class seat while your friend, with whom you’re going on a special girls’ weekend, is all by herself in the back of the plane with the proletariat, is rude.

Maybe for the rest of the trip you could get a massage and a pedicure while she scrubs the bathroom floor of your hotel room, and you can eat dinner in the special room at Prime 112 while she sits in the parking garage and licks coolant drips off the concrete.

If you really wanted to be nice, you could use some of those frequent flyer miles to upgrade your friend, and then you could both nap.

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