I can’t sleep with the light on.

My husband likes to read at night before he goes to sleep, and I like to crash the second my head hits the pillow. I can’t fall asleep when the light is on, and he reads magazines that are very crinkly and annoying. I got him a book light but they can’t clip on to a magazine. He says he can’t fall asleep if he doesn’t read first. Do you have a solution so that we can both fall asleep easily and without getting into a fight?

Get him a head lamp. No, I’m not kidding. You can get them at Target. Not only will he be able to hold his magazine with both hands to minimize crinkling, he’ll look super sexy in his jammies with a big light strapped to his forehead. This will allow him to relax and read, and if he should get in the mood for a little hubba hubba, it’ll also help him find everything. If you know what I mean.

On a side note…I don’t understand couples who insist on going to bed at the same time. How is it even possible that you’re both tired and ready for sleep simultaneously? Can’t he just go to bed and read for a while, and then you can go to sleep when he’s finished? Or will one of you turn to dust and blow away in the wind if you don’t get in bed together?

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