The best and worst moms on TV.

In your opinion… who are the worst TV moms and who are the best?


Nancy Botwin from Weeds. She’s a great mom, and here’s why:

1. She’s showing her children the value of an entrepreneurial spirit. Yes, she’s a drug dealer, but really, in some way, aren’t we all?

2. She demonstrates creative problem-solving skills. Some might think burning down your entire town when the DEA is about to bust you is insane, but all good moms know that you do what you have to do in order to protect your kids.

3. Speaking of taking one for the team…she married that dreamy-hot Mexican drug lord not because he’s sexy and powerful and has an accent as smooth as butter, but because she wanted her kids to live in a big house and have a housekeeper.

4. She understands the importance of exclusively giving a baby breastmilk. Sure, hers is loaded with Starbucks and tequila, and she pumps and has the nanny feed the baby (which, you’ll note, she hasn’t held once since he was born), but whatever the method, she knows: BREAST IS BEST!


Allison Dubois from Medium.

1. She has a career. What kind of mother, especially one with three daughters, wants to set an example by working? What kind of parental role model successfully juggles a career, motherhood, and being a good wife? Poppycock.

2. She’s psychic. It’s not fair when she tells her daughter, “You can’t drive to school today because someone’s going to crash into you.” WHATEVER, Allison. Just because you know everything doesn’t mean you…know everything…and should use it to help people…

3. She orders a lot of pizza. Doesn’t she know that cheese and carbs make you fat? Why does she want her kids to be fat?

4. She doesn’t wear sexy clothes that no mom in real life would ever wear. Any TV mom worth her salt flings her ta-tas about like a couple of yo-yos. And she’s never once appeared in a bikini or gotten drunk. Bad, bad, bad TV mom.

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