Should I have lunch with my ex-boyfriend?

My ex-boyfriend just sent me an email asking if I wanted to have lunch. I don’t want to have lunch with “Dave” because I broke up with him, but I do want to have lunch with him because he likes me and makes me feel good when we get together. He always asks if there’s a chance we could get back together, and I don’t completely lead him on…I don’t say we could, but I don’t exactly say we won’t, either. Dave has an active dating life, as do I, so I don’t see the harm in a flirtation with him, but after every time I see him I’m annoyed because I remember why I broke up with him, and I vow to not see him the next time he asks. So should I email him back or not?

You’re boring and silly.

I felt slightly bad for you for a minute because you’re so desperate for attention that you’re willing to have lunch with someone you don’t even like, but then I re-read your email and decided again that you’re boring and silly.

I’m going to tell you not to email him and see the poor guy again, but you’re going to ignore me and do it anyway. Please note my disapproval.

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