My boyfriend leaves change all over the house. And my car. And in my bathroom.

My boyfriend “Jimbo” and I are getting very serious. We have a wonderful relationship and get along great; he’s kind to me and is nicer than anyone I’ve ever been with. Plus, he’s hot. We’ve been talking about moving in together and I’m almost positive it’s the right move, but there’s one thing that’s bothering me. He leaves change everywhere. In my car, in my sofa cushions, in my bed, and sometimes it’s even in a little pile next to the toilet seat. He does his best to pick it up, but his best isn’t perfect. It drives me up a wall and I’m not sure I can live with that spare change floating around my house all the time. Is this issue something that should make me reconsider living together, or am I being anal and uncompromising?

I don’t know why you’re complaining; your boyfriend spontaneously deposits little piles of money wherever he goes. How is this a problem? I think you should get over it and squirrel the change away for some new shoes.

If you can’t, then I suggest you come up with a good incentive for him to pick up the change. Put two jars on the kitchen counter, and tell Jimbo you’re going to have a race to see who can fill theirs up with change first. The winner gets to use the money for a date of his or her choice. Then talk a lot about how you’ve been dying to go see the sing-along Sound of Music where they have the lyrics with a bouncing ball at the bottom of the screen. Or mention repeatedly that the next time you get a free night you’re going to beeline it to a wheatgrass colonic clinic and meditation seminar at your yoga studio.

Jimbo’s going to become very diligent about picking up his change. You might have to go to a NASCAR race or a strip club one night in the near future, but it’s better than being irritated all the live-long day.

By the way…if he really is hot and kind and nice and this is his only issue, then you should be waking up every morning and showering him with kisses and exclamations of love. Because it could be so much worse: he could play air guitar (while biting his lower lip) in public; he could pick his nose and wipe it on the side of the couch; he could have twenty years of Penthouse magazines that he’d like to display on the bookshelf. Maybe you should be a little less uptight. Perfection is impossible; I’m sure you’re not perfect, and I’m sure he’s making allowances for behavior and habits that you have. Do the same for him.

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