Unsolicited Advice #12

To the mean, crazy person who rented out an apartment to me for the weekend and then refused to give back my security deposit and then when I finally had a lawyer contact him sent the entire $100 back to me IN PENNIES: You might want to consider a new line of work. You seem stressed out and a little unhappy, and perhaps unable to deal with the rigors of mailing people checks and unlocking doors for them. Maybe try something else, like puppy kicking or butterfly drowning. You seem more suited for that. This applies to all employees who are passive-aggressive and full of despair and take it out on their innocent clients/patrons/tenants.


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2 responses to “Unsolicited Advice #12

  1. chea fan

    I love your site and think you have awesome advice. Just curious…what city did you rent the apartment in and did he send a note along with the returned security? It’s just the weirdest thing ever. Also weird? That I’m so interested in it on a Saturday night at midnight. Seriously though, keep up the good work…you are much appreciated.

  2. cheaevans

    Chicago! And no note. Just pennies and nickels. He was 11 cents short but I’ve been told not to push it and ask him for it…even though I really want to…

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