My friend stole my baby name!

I am FURIOUS right now. Since I was a little girl, I have always said that I wanted to name my son Charles and call him Charlie, after my grandfather. My best friend, who I grew up with and who I still see several times a year, just had a baby boy…and yes, you guessed it. She named him Charles and calls him Charlie, knowing full well that was my favorite name. I am so mad I don’t even know if I can go visit her and meet her son without getting into an argument. She stole my name! I really want to say something to her but I know I should wait since she just had a baby, but I feel absolutely betrayed by this.

I’m really pleased to get your email, because it’s long been a dream of mine to meet the person who owns the name Charles.

Wait, what?

You don’t own the name Charles? The name that’s been in the top 100 of new baby names for the past 100 years? You don’t own that? Oh. Well, then I guess you’re going to have to get over it.

Especially considering the fact that 1.) you don’t appear to have any children that could have been named Charles 2.) it doesn’t seem like there’s a little Charles about to arrive within the next nine months or so and 3.) maybe your friend hasn’t spent her entire life waiting for you to name your baby Charlie and 4.) perhaps she figures that such a petty, angry person as yourself might not even find someone willing to have a baby with you any time soon, so she might as well use it.

It’s your best friend. Be happy for her.


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5 responses to “My friend stole my baby name!

  1. Sammy

    That’s harsh. Sure she doesn’t OWN the name but I get why it hurts. I had picked out a girls name that I’m still stuck on and had planned to use and of course I told me best friend and guess what?! She’s is naming her daughter that name!! Its the fact that just because I’m not having my daughter right now doesn’t mean I didn’t want to use it. It isn’t fair that though I had my heart set on it, I can’t use it now.. I think ur responce was so uncalled for, gosh how heartless does a person gotta be?!

  2. I don’t think its harsh at all. Picture this.. you move to a new town with your baby – who you thought had the most unusual – fantastic name you could conjure. You start making friends and low and behold – this woman you meet at the check out line – the one you really hit it off with – and already invited her and her whole family for a bbq this weekend – her kid’s got the same name! Are you mad now? No – I doubt it. In fact, you’re probably even more sure of how compatible you are as friends. Why should you have a different perspective of your own best friend?
    And FYI – my son and my best friend’s son – have the same name! So I know of what I speak.

  3. girly

    first of all , from you message letter, it doesn’t seem that you have children,
    so what, when ever you have a son, name him charlie…
    the two charlies.. not a big deal, it shouldnt stop you from naming your son charlie… its ok

  4. howsaki

    visit the child, that would be a petty argument to fight over. there is nothing to do about it! she isn’t going to change the child’s name…

    so what whenever you have a son, or a daughter, name her charlie …
    so both you and your bff, have the share the same name, its not a big deal

  5. kc

    the point is you confided ina firned and they stabbed yo in the back, thats why it hurts

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