My sister is coming to visit and my apartment is the size of a bathtub.

My sister and her husband are coming to visit us next week, along with my niece. My husband and I and our daughter live in New York and have a very small apartment, which I have explained to my sister in detail. It’s basically the size of her living room in the suburbs. We are very excited to have them come visit and show them around the city, and my sister has said that they’re looking forward to the trip as well. I have told my sister several times that she and her husband will have to sleep on the pull-out couch, and their daughter can sleep in the bedroom with my daughter. My sister seemed fine with this and said, “We don’t care! We just can’t wait to see you!”

Okay, then my mother calls. She said she thought I should give my sister and brother-in-law our bed and that my husband and I should sleep on the pull-out couch. She said my sister is worried about her husband’s back. My mother also said that if we won’t give up our bed, the least we can do is buy a mattress topper to make the bed more comfortable. We’re not flush with cash these days, and the last thing I feel like spending my money on is a mattress top for a sofa bed. I told my mother I would take care of it, but the more I think about it the madder I get. Should I call her back and tell her no? Do I call my sister and talk to her about it? Do I suck it up and buy the mattress topper or give up my bed?

Scenario one:

Ignore. Maybe your sister is a pussy and got your mom to do her dirty work because she knows it’s an obnoxious request, or maybe your mother isn’t minding her own business. Either way, you get to pretend with your sister like your mom never called you, or you get to tell your mother, “Sissy and I can work this out on our own, thank you.”

Sissy has a lot of options here. She can bring an air mattress with her, she can buy her own damn mattress topper when she arrives, or she can do one more thing, which brings us to our next option:

Scenario two:

Give your sister the names and numbers of a few hotels near your apartment.

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