My boyfriend’s sister is being bossy about Thanksgiving.

My boyfriend’s sister is hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year. I jut got an email asking me to bring the potatoes, which is fine with me. What is NOT fine with me is the fact that she sent me a recipe and asked me to make those specific potatoes. She’s a control freak and makes Martha Stewart look like a slacker. Who died and made her the queen of potatoes? Shouldn’t I be able to make whatever kind of dish I want? Or at least choose which recipe I use? My boyfriend won’t talk to her about it. He said he’ll make the potatoes but that’s not the point.

So, what is the point? Pissing his sister off? Maybe it’s the recipe for the dish Dear Old Great-Grandma used to make. Maybe the entire family has a weird, hereditary allergy to potatoes unless they’re prepared a certain way.

Why do you care what kind of potatoes you make? Are you a Michelin-rated potato chef? Did she ask you to make potatoes that take fourteen hours to cook and require a trip to Provence to procure a specific kind of truffle? If not, I suggest you keep your mouth shut, make the potatoes (or let your boyfriend make them), and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.

Here’s a tip: this gal could be your sister-in-law some time in the future. This could be your future family. Do you really want to cause a stink right now over something fairly inconsequential? I don’t think you do.

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