Should I tell my party guests that a gay couple is coming?

I live in a conservative town, and have some conservative friends. Some are parents of my son’s friends, others are neighbors or co-workers of my husband who we often socialize with. I also invited an old high school friend, who recently moved here with his partner. Should I tell the other couples beforehand that my friend is gay, or do I let them figure it out for themselves? I don’t want to make things awkward for people and I want everyone to have fun at the party. It obviously doesn’t matter to me that my friend is with a man, but I worry that it might matter to someone else who is there.

Once everyone gets there, you should gather your guests and play a round of everyone’s favorite party game: Guess Who’s Gay! It’ll be totally hilarious. Everyone just has to say who they think is totally gay and why, and whoever guesses correctly wins a prize. It’s a great ice breaker.

It’s not your job to explain your guests’ sexual preferences to each other. “These are my friends Rick and Sandy. He likes to wear women’s underwear, and she can only get in the mood if she watches the Brad Pitt scene from ‘Thelma and Louise’ first.” I think your friend would be HORRIFIED if he knew you were making a formal announcement about the fact that he’s gay.

If you truly don’t care, then you shouldn’t care if your guests care. If they’re the kind of people who would be offended, upset, uncomfortable, or angry about going to a cocktail party with a gay couple, you should be thankful that you’ve offended them, and hope they’ll stay away from you for good.

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