I irrationally think the guy I went out with might be gay.

I have been out on one date with a guy, and had a couple phone conversations with him. We have also been chatting over email and discussing getting together again. One thing is bothering me. He referred to his past and said he had dated a lot of “people.” He didn’t say “girls” or “women.” Do you think this means he is bi or gay or am I just reading way too much into this?

You just need to ask him a few subtle questions to find out. Like, casually say to him, “Don’t you just hate it when the guy you’re kissing hasn’t shaved and his stubble scratches your chin?” or ask, “Would you say you don’t like musical theater, you love musical theater, or you enjoy it some of the time if it’s the right show but you can’t really commit one way or the other?”

Or you could just chill the f out, go out with him again, and see if you like him and have some chemistry. I’d also learn how to juggle or start doing crossword puzzles or something. You need to keep your mind from getting to the crazy place so quickly.

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One response to “I irrationally think the guy I went out with might be gay.

  1. Amanda

    Usually, I love your advice; but do you really think all gay or bisexual men like musical theater? I mean, come on. There is some healthy place in between completely PC and making blanket statement. Frankly, what you said, is just dumb.

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