My dogs are bad. Can I invite my friends somewhere other than my house for a party?

I have two dogs who are quite unruly. They are not always people-friendly, especially around young children. We have many friends who have invited us for dinner at their homes, or barbecues or birthday parties, and we would love to reciprocate but I worry about having people in my house with our crazy dogs. In particular, I worry about the children. Is it strange to organize a get-together at a restaurant? I don’t want to pay the bill for everyone’s meal, but I would like to invite our friends somewhere. Just not our house. Could I invite everyone to a dinner out but somehow imply that they are responsible for their tab without seeming cheap?

I’m going to ignore your stupid question about inviting your friends to a restaurant, not paying for their dinners, and thinking that making the suggestion to meet there fulfills any sort of hosting obligation.

Instead, I’m going to answer the more pressing question that you didn’t even ask, which I will now ask for you: Why do I have two dogs in my house who are so out of control that I’m afraid they’re going to scare my friends and eat their children?

Here’s your answer: because you’re a lazy pet-owner. Take the dogs to obedience school, or call the Dog Whisperer. Train them. Maybe get them some crates and some rawhide chew toys so they’re not tempted to use a four-year-old’s leg as a doggie treat. If you don’t have the time, the money, or the inclination to do such a thing, maybe give the dogs to someone who does, and get a fish. Not a piranha or a shark. Just a fish.

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One response to “My dogs are bad. Can I invite my friends somewhere other than my house for a party?

  1. Snarkette

    Or put them in a kennel for the day, cheaper than paying for everyone’s dinner and way less embarrassing than having to ask your guests pay their way. You could even charge a cover fee for them to come to your at-home party to make up for the kennel fee: equally classy.

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