One bad apple annoying woman is ruining my entire weekend.

I have a group of friends from college who get together for a trip every spring. My husband and I went to college together, so we really look forward to seeing all our old friends and their husbands and wives.The guys usually all stay together in one house, and the girls usually all stay together in another. Well, this year one girl friend decided to come at the last minute, and she said she’d rather stay with the men because she got into some argument with one of the other women and doesn’t feel comfortable staying in the same house. This seems obnoxious to me, plus she’s single and all the men are married, so I don’t understand what she thinks she’s doing. I don’t even think they have a free bed for her. When I brought this up with my husband, he laughed and said he would share his bed with her. I know he’s kidding, but it pissed me off even more. What is her PROBLEM? Don’t you think my husband and his friends should ask her to stay with the women? She’s going to ruin the whole weekend.

Her problem is that she’s going on vacation with a bunch of married people, which is probably pretty boring for her, and she’s trying to add some excitement to her life. Or maybe she wants to sleep with your husband. He sounds hi-LARIOUS, and some women find a good sense of humor very sexy.

There is seriously nothing you can do about this. I mean, you could get your panties all in a bunch and work yourself up to the point where you’re miserable all weekend. Or you could get into a J-woww-Jersey Shore-style fistfight with her. That could be fun. Or you could just enjoy your weekend and stop trying to control everyone and everything. Have fun with your friends, have fun with your husband, stay away from the friend who bugs you, and carry on with all the fun. That woman seems a little desperate for attention, anyway, so maybe you could try to look at things from her point of view.That might make it easier to be nice to her.

I do think, though, that it’s NOT unreasonable to make sure your husband knows you’re not joking when you say if he shares a bed with her he might not get to share yours ever again in this lifetime. Say it in a nice way, but feel free to say it.

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