I want my husband to suprise me with exactly the thing I asked for.

So I really want this beautiful ring. I love it! My husband might be able to get it if this year goes well. He keeps saying don’t you worry baby, you will get the ring, which is so nice but it’s a ring made by someone and it’s not like there are 2 of them. I dont think he understands that I want THAT ring. I have this feeling he will go out and buy another version that I don’t like and then I will feel bad and ungrateful because he was trying. It’s really expensive and I want him to get the right one. He is not very good at knowing what I like. What do I say without hurting his feelings?

Here is a short list of things I want:

  • an Hermes Birkin bag made out of a white crocodile
  • a small yet comfortable jet staffed by the former members of N Sync because I travel with the kids a lot and I’ve almost been arrested 17 times for international security violations because they don’t understand the concept of waiting in line, and because those N Sync guys are cute and I bet they would make great flight attendants
  • that computer from Mission: Impossible that just looks like screens in the air that Tom Cruise operates by talking and waving his hands and fingers all over the place
  • every pair of Christian Louboutin heels ever made

There are many, many more items on my list. But I don’t have any of these things because we can’t afford them. And possibly because the Tom Cruise computer doesn’t exist in real life. So, what to say to your husband without hurting his feelings is irrelevant, because you’re not going to bring it up again, because it sounds like you can’t really afford it. Even though you love it.

“My husband might be able to get it if this year goes well.” If you’re sitting around crossing your fingers, hoping he makes enough to squeak an expensive ring out of his salary, you sure as hell shouldn’t be spending that money on jewelry. Either make more money and buy yourself your own damn ring, or let it go.

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