Another parent is mad at me for my kid’s behavior.

I received a lengthy email from another parent this morning. She said my six-year-old son is not being inclusive and doesn’t want to play with her son at school. How do I respond to this? Can I say, “Thank you for coming to me directly about this. I am so sorry to hear that ‘John’ has been behaving this way. I spoke to him about it a bit this morning and will be keeping an eye on it. Thanks.”

The only reason I hesitate to send that email is that I think she overreacted, her email wasn’t very nice about my son, and from what I hear her son is obnoxious and no one wants to play with him; not just John. But I am sure I shouldn’t say those things…right?

Dear Sally:

I am so sorry that your kid is such a loser. Maybe if he didn’t cry every time someone looked at him, stopped biting, and refrained from picking his nose, wiping it in his lunch, and yelling “BOOGER SANDWICH” every day, he would have more friends.

I do see now where he gets his blamey, self-righteous personality and his penchant for turning the slightest issue into a problem of gargantuan proportions. I’ll be sure to explain the concept of genetics to little John and hope that he can grasp that it’s not your son’s fault that he behaves this way.



Or, you could just sent the email you wrote. It was good.

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