I need to break up with my hair stylist and I’m scared.

I have a problem. I need to break up with my hair stylist of 10 years. She’s nice, but prone to bitchy outbursts every few years, but it’s the scalp burnings I’ve received from her that have sent me over the edge. About a year and half ago, when I was dyeing my hair, her dye product gave me an allergic reaction that caused my forehead to swell (I kind of looked like the guy from Mask) and a rash to breakout on my scalp. I called her and told her the situation to which she responded curtly and didn’t even offer me my money back. After this incident, I kept going to her and we switched to highlights instead of all-over dye. I didn’t have any problems until a week ago when I got my hair highlighted. I have no idea how she got the dye on my scalp but she did and I was left with a similar result, but without the Mask like face swelling, thank god. It’s been a week and my head still itches!

I have a new stylist I can see, courtesy of my mother-in-law, so I’m ready to switch.  My question is, how do I break up with this lady?  Do I just cancel my appointment and never reschedule?  Do I tell her I’ve found someone else? To make matters worse, I friend-ed my stylist on Facebook a few months back.  Agh, blasted Facebook!

Thanks in advance,
“Scalped in Benicia”

You don’t have to break up with her, unless you’ve been making out with her on the side. Just cancel your appointment, keep her as your Facebook friend, and carry on with your life.

I worry about you a little bit, though…this woman BURNED YOUR SCALP and when you asked her about it, she was rude. And THEN you went back to her. This is your head! It’s your hair! Are you really willing to suffer third-degree burns in order to not hurt this person’s feelings? The choice here is to make your hair stylist feel good, or to make yourself feel good, and for whatever reason, you’re choosing her. Don’t do that anymore.

A year and a half ago I kept going to see this crazy maniac hair stylist because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. And then I think one day she was drunk because she cut a HUGE hunk of hair out of the back of my head, and then chopped all the rest of my hair off to try and cover it up. When I went to a new stylist, she actually asked me, “What did you do to that woman that she hates you so much she’d do this to your hair?”

I learned the hard way so you don’t have to.

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  1. Joanna

    Thank you! You’re right, this is my hair and I need to make myself feel good. I choose ME!!


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