My sister’s husband is a lecherous pig.

The other weekend my sister and her new husband came to visit. One night, my sister and I stayed home with my kids and my husband and her husband went out for a drink. When they were out, apparently her husband spent the whole time talking about how hot other women at the bar were. My husband kept changing the subject but he said it was really weird and uncomfortable. Should I tell my sister?


Her husband is a disrespectful donkey’s butt (I’m trying to swear less during Lent, okay?), but he didn’t do anything wrong. The only thing he’s guilty of is being a total douchebag. It was inappropriate to say those things to your husband, but if he didn’t talk to or touch any of the women in the bar, it’s not worth causing a problem.

It’s possible that your sister knows that her husband is like this, and she doesn’t care, or at least realizes there’s nothing she can do about it. It’s best to keep your feelings to yourself. But once in a while, I think it’s totally fine to make that two-fingers-I’m-watching-your-horny-ass gesture to him behind your sister’s back. Or cut letters out of a magazine, ransom note-style, and send him a message once in a while that says, “Cheat on your wife, you bastard, and I’ll cut you.” It’ll keep him on his toes AND give you an artistic outlet.

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