I’m sick of people using my driveway as a turnaround.

I live in a town where a lot of people commute to the city on a train for work. I live right near the train station, which is really convenient, but for some reason people think my driveway is an extension of the parking lot, and they’re always turning around in it, or stopping at the end of my driveway outside my house to talk on the phone, change their tie, whatever. It’s very annoying. I’ve thought about putting a rope across the end of the driveway, but then I would have to walk down and unhook it every time I left the house or came home. What can I do to get people to stop pulling into my driveway?

On the edge of your yard, put a bloody head on a pole with a big sign underneath that says, THIS GUY DARED USE MY DRIVEWAY AS A TURNAROUND. Don’t use a real head; one from a Halloween store will do.

Or you could get a gun (real or fake, whichever) and run outside every time someone pulls in and start screaming madly that you’ll put a bullet between their eyes. I bet people on the train will start talking and eventually the rumor mill will help you scare everyone off.

Or you could get a fake baby and put it at the bottom of your driveway where people won’t see it (don’t use a real baby for this one) and then when they run over it, come outside and scare the bejesus out of them by freaking out and carrying on about how they ran over your baby.

Or, since you live in this town and these are presumably your neighbors and people in your community and you want to make friends, not scare people, you could do one of two things: get over it, or get an electronic gate that opens with a garage door opener-type of clicker, and install it at the end of your driveway.


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8 responses to “I’m sick of people using my driveway as a turnaround.

  1. chris

    I actually had this situation occur in my life, only the people whose driveway I was turning around in gave me dirty looks, and my wife yelled at me and told me not to use their driveway as a place to turn around… some people are quite sensitive about this, i guess. anyway, chea chea, I love your blog.

  2. Anonymous

    i put traffic cones at the end of my driveway. the people in the subdivision hate them, but the end result is that I have little to no one in my driveway. position them so you are able to just drive between them.

  3. Steve

    Putting a large flower pot at the end of the driveway would work, and it looks much better than an ugly bright orange cone!

  4. Kat

    Lay a long board on the ground at the end of your driveway with 9 inch nails facing up.
    That’s what I had to do.
    Cones, signs & flower pots will not work!

  5. Anonymous

    The clicker guy is a fucking asshole.

  6. Meh

    A couple of discarded kids’ bicycles laying on the ground generally works for me, but people are incredibly stupid and will occasionally back right into them and drag them ten feet. I have a driveway cam and have saved dozens of clips of nice Lexus & BMW type vehicles hitting a bicycle, pause, continue backing up, crunch and scape their paint some more, pause…repeat. Every one drove away too and never bothered to come to the door and say I just crushed your (non existent) child’s bike. I can only imagine the paint damage done by steel handlebars digging into concrete. Less damage is done by using plastic recycle bins and they make one hell of a noise while being dragged by a shiny bumper.

  7. We have a similar situation with construction.People gave me an attitude when I confronted them.I’ve had someone move a sawhorse.I have found what seems to be working.”Drivewayspikes”,made with rubber.I’ll keep you posted

  8. Ben

    I know this is an old post but perhaps someone may be searching for an idea on how to deal with this issue. It happened to me. I lived at a Tx intersection. People would park by my yard to wait for their kids to be picked up by a school bus and same thing would happen in the evening dropoff. This one lady kept backing into my driveway to wait. I had to blow my horn several times to get her to move so I could leave. We ask her to stop backing into our driveway we were worried she was going to hit our expensive mailbox. She kept getting too close. Why not do a pull forward and do a U like everyone else? Well one morning the mailbox was on the ground and that afternoon the woman walked to pick her kids. Very steep hills! Where was her car? At the body shop. Why? According to 3 other parents she backed over our $ 350. mailbox. I know $350 for a mailbox, HOA’s, gotta hate them, never again! That’s not the point though, it wouldn’t have mattered if it was a $20. mailbox. Her actions were disrespectful. She lied, said she didn’t do it. Not suprising either. Unbelievable people. It wasn’t worth small claims or the deductible. Moral of the story, I should’ve reported her to the board of ed and tried to block her. Stay off other people’s property and don’t allow your property to be used on a “regular” basis as a turn around or parking lot. Put up a sign, stop it. Come up with an idea to stop it. Teach your children to respect other people’s property too.

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