Why did he text instead of call?

What does your gut tell you: I’m in a new relationship. “Doug” said he would call me yesterday. He texted me at 10 o’clock last night to tell me that he was completely swamped with work and that he had no chance to call. I’m okay with that, because I had a busy day, too, but I’m wondering…why did he send me a text instead of giving me a quick call? I think it’s a bad sign.

My gut tells me two things: first, that I need to go find a little something sweet to eat with my coffee this morning. And second, that you need to just calm yourself down about 47 notches.

Why would he call you to tell you he couldn’t call you? Why would a person do this? That’s like stopping by to say you don’t have time to stop by. Or writing a long, passionate letter describing how you’re so busy you have no time to write a long, passionate letter. He said it himself—he was busy. I think it was nice of him to take the time to let you know he was thinking about you and didn’t want to leave you hanging.

You need to either up your nightly dosage of wine, cool it on the Adderall, or have a little more self-confidence. Or maybe all three.

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